Atelier do Sul 40 years+ of Design


Don’t fall in the trap, as so many do, of using a PDF of a brochure designed for print, an e-Brochure must be specifically designed to avoid the pitfalls of incorrect display of page spreads and illegible text. More and more, online e-Brochures and online presentations. 

come into their own as businesses turn towards the internet as the most cost effective means of marketing and sales communications. Accessible by way of a built-in link in an email, hosted online, published on websites and viewed in page turning software.

Responsive Web design

Web design projects have become more and more sophisticated, needing to be design friendly and legible across the full spectrum of operating platforms and screen sizes from large desktops to tiny iPhone screens, known in the industry as Responsive Web Design. Clients are fast realising that if their website is not Responsive, they need to start back at square one, often having just invested in a new one! Our more recent works in this field are designed and programmed with the latest web development techniques to meet industry benchmark standards.

Identity at work for innovative project within the Ria Formosa

A small train that transports beach-goers across the marshlands and sand banks of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, the dozens of anchors on the beach itself and an interesting history related to the local Tuna fishing industry, make Barril Island Beach a national landmark. A consortium of local institutions, spear-headed by the Pedras Group (Pedras d’el Rei and Pedras da Rainha Resorts) and the University of the Algarve, saw 12 graduates recently start a one-year internship on the beach, with the challenge to create new sustainable business ventures and decrease seasonality. The identity created for the beach will help increment notoriety and is being developed across a range of information and marketing items.

 1 – Dr.Jorge Queiroz – CM Tavira; André Phillips, Fred Phillips – Atelier do Sul; António Almeida Pires – Grupo Pedras  
2 – António Alemeida Pires – Grupos Pedras; Jorge Botelho – Presidente da CM Tavira; Vitor Neto – Presidente do NERA; Fred Phillips – Atelier do Sul

Campaign with design

An advertising campaign can be a series of different media supports that share a single idea and theme, which make up an integrated marketing communication. The critical part of any campaign is determining the campaign theme, as it sets the tone for what is on offer and must appeal to the target market. Corporate campaign themes are usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period time hence creating awareness and more notoriety for the business, brand or product on offer.

Images – Lewis Andrews, Lifestyle campaign

Villas & Apartments for rent

The Residential tourism market in the Algarve has grown over the past years, with more and more villas and apartments being offered for rent. To survive and grow in a crowded and sometimes amateurish market, private rental and management companies have to become and look more professional by improving services, updating their identity, visual communications and implement benchmark technology to help run the business. One such well reputed and successful company to take the challenge by the horns is Check-in-Portugal, having recently invested in a new identity, website and our bespoke Booking Engine System, designed and developed specifically for Apartments and Villas, a first in Portugal. 

Charity starts at home…

It is great to see local charitable needs being helped by local business, albeit international, organising their own events and within events that they sponsor.

Coming this weekend the 9th of November; Hilton Vilamoura are hosting the AAPACDM Charity dinner, a charitable organisation for mentally handicapped children in the Algarve. You can still easily help just by attending the dinner @45€ a head, please contact, or call on 289 304 000

Coming on Saturday November the 23rd; Four Seasons Country Club, Quinta do Lago, will be holding their Annual Christmas Fair with a full programme of fun, entertainment and sports for all the family, in aid of ACCA who are dedicated to helping needy children in the Algarve. This can already be considered an Algarve classic, running successfully already for several years.