Atelier do Sul 40 years of Design

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Collections 2018/19

  • Collections 2018/19

Collections 2018/19, just published by Quinta do Lago Real Estate must have the most exclusive handful of properties one can buy in Europe. Some very special rental opportunities are also included. The new edition was launched at the exclusive, by invitation only, viewing of the Show unit at RESERVA, Quinta’s latest real estate development named after the surrounding Ria Formosa nature reserve.

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Magazine Collectios 2018/19

A tribute….

  • Atelier Do Sul Website Algarve
  • Atelier Do Sul Webdevelopment
  • Atelier Do Sul Website Algarve

We proudly re-present ourselves by way of a totally new website, a tribute to our clients, who over nearly 40 years since the practice was founded , have given us so many challenging and adrenaline filled communication design projects. We invite you to take a browse, you can see by business type (genre) or by area of design. Visit website

Founder and CEO Fred Phillips. Partner and Senior designer André Phillips

Intouch Open your real estate office, 24h a day!

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As recently announced, Atelier do Sul Communication design bring a first to Portugal by the name of intouch display , innovative, through-window, real estate touch screens. The cutting-edge technology enhances business through visual impact, providing a unique and sensational interactive property search experience, 24h a day, even when the office is closed! In January 2018, a full-size demo model will be installed at our atelier in Boliqueime, if you are interested, call Lucinda for an appointment on 289 363 340

Picture; Sales director of intouch, Steve Blackaller, seen with directors of Atelier do Sul, Fred Phillips and André Phillips, when signing the agreement.