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Atelier do Sul 40 years+ of Design

Are you ready for take-off?

British Airways was the first to allow their passengers to use their smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices during take off and landing – but only in “flight safe” mode following the earlier announcement by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Though  passengers will still not be able to make phone calls, more and more people are using their small hand held devices to view and read files not only in-flightbut on a day-to-day basis – like some 70% of people who read this e-Newsletter. For legibility on small screens the industry buzzword is Responsive Design. Are your e-Newsletters Responsive Design? Is your website Responsive Design? Are your online e-Brochures Responsive Design? If not contact us…. we no longer do web development without it!


Send beautiful email newsletters. Guarantee your message gets to your target audience quickly and at a very low cost. Our areas of expertise cover all aspects; Responsive Design (adapting content to fit any screen size and remaining legible), programming, sending. e-Newsletters that can interact with your website, your online brochures and call-to-action landing pages.

Atelier do Sul’s online emailing Control Panel makes it easy to attract new subscribers, see stunning reports of the results and avoiding being classed as SPAM. Full database management, real time opens, analytic reports, every detail you need to target better and better each time you send.


Don’t fall in the trap, as so many do, of using a PDF of a brochure designed for print, an e-Brochure must be specifically designed to avoid the pitfalls of incorrect display of page spreads and illegible text. More and more, online e-Brochures and online presentations. 

come into their own as businesses turn towards the internet as the most cost effective means of marketing and sales communications. Accessible by way of a built-in link in an email, hosted online, published on websites and viewed in page turning software.

Responsive Web design

Web design projects have become more and more sophisticated, needing to be design friendly and legible across the full spectrum of operating platforms and screen sizes from large desktops to tiny iPhone screens, known in the industry as Responsive Web Design. Clients are fast realising that if their website is not Responsive, they need to start back at square one, often having just invested in a new one! Our more recent works in this field are designed and programmed with the latest web development techniques to meet industry benchmark standards.

Identity at work for innovative project within the Ria Formosa

A small train that transports beach-goers across the marshlands and sand banks of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, the dozens of anchors on the beach itself and an interesting history related to the local Tuna fishing industry, make Barril Island Beach a national landmark. A consortium of local institutions, spear-headed by the Pedras Group (Pedras d’el Rei and Pedras da Rainha Resorts) and the University of the Algarve, saw 12 graduates recently start a one-year internship on the beach, with the challenge to create new sustainable business ventures and decrease seasonality. The identity created for the beach will help increment notoriety and is being developed across a range of information and marketing items.

 1 – Dr.Jorge Queiroz – CM Tavira; André Phillips, Fred Phillips – Atelier do Sul; António Almeida Pires – Grupo Pedras  
2 – António Alemeida Pires – Grupos Pedras; Jorge Botelho – Presidente da CM Tavira; Vitor Neto – Presidente do NERA; Fred Phillips – Atelier do Sul