Atelier do Sul 40 years of Design

Mapping Vilamoura

  • Vilamoura Map
  • Vilamoura Maps Ii

Helping the public find their way round Vilamoura falls within the responsibilities of the public/private infrastructure company, Inframoura. We took on the design to update the map, a very detailed information tool, available both in printed format and displayed in the ‘MUPI’s’ around Vilamoura.

Conrad Cocktails

  • Conrad Cocktail Menus
  • Conrad Cocktail Menu
  • Conrad Cocktail Menus Gusto Restaurant
  • Conrad Cocktail Menus Gustoii

The launch of the new cocktail menu “The Age of Discovery” with the creations of head bartender Nelson de Matos, at Conrad Algarve, has been a resounding success. The new menu, not only admired for Nelson’s creativity but also because of its unique design featuring a stitch bound cloth-touch cover, is inspired by the greatest Portuguese epic “Os Lusiadas” by the poet Luíz Vaz de Camões and the main theme is the discovery of the sea route to India. A true journey of unique flavours and a feast for the senses. Just a few months ago, Nelson and his team achieved at the Lisbon Bar Show the of award “Best Hotel Bar”. Our congratulations!

Adore, en France!

  • Adore Floors
  • Adore Vinily

One of our recent and, may we say, different, creative projects was to come up with the packaging design for ADORE floors, a world-class manufacturer, based in the USA. The packaging and in-shop pallet displays were specifically for the French market. A QR Code included in the design links to a video showing DIY enthusiasts how to prepare and lay the flooring, more often than not, on top of existing.

WARATAH – before and after

  • Waratah Logo Design
  • Waratah Branding
  • Waratah Glass Design

Day-in, day-out businesses are challenged with change, not only markets and technology but so much more, including their own identity and all of their communication design. It is a proven fact that companies who invest in design, have a much higher success rate than those that do not. With the Algarve property market revived and booming, Waratah Properties recognised it was time to change and grasped the opportunity to move to new premises, further into the heart of the Golden Triangle, and to undergo an in-depth rebranding exercise. Companies that do not take initiatives of this nature fall behind their counterparts, losing market share. If you want your business to stay on top, contact us and we will show you the way.

Beginning of Autumn Magical Mystery Tour

  • ADS

In appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the Atelier do Sul team, Fred and André hosted all to a home-made lunch on Farol Island after a full morning out appreciating the Ria Formosa, a unique spot often only appreciated by those that holiday in the Algarve rather than those that live here!