Atelier do Sul 40 years+ of Design

WARATAH – before and after

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Day-in, day-out businesses are challenged with change, not only markets and technology but so much more, including their own identity and all of their communication design. It is a proven fact that companies who invest in design, have a much higher success rate than those that do not. With the Algarve property market revived and booming, Waratah Properties recognised it was time to change and grasped the opportunity to move to new premises, further into the heart of the Golden Triangle, and to undergo an in-depth rebranding exercise. Companies that do not take initiatives of this nature fall behind their counterparts, losing market share. If you want your business to stay on top, contact us and we will show you the way.

Beginning of Autumn Magical Mystery Tour

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In appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the Atelier do Sul team, Fred and André hosted all to a home-made lunch on Farol Island after a full morning out appreciating the Ria Formosa, a unique spot often only appreciated by those that holiday in the Algarve rather than those that live here!

Vila Vita Parc V-Life, 25 years

  • Vila Vita Parc Magazine
  • Vila Vita Parc Magazine 25 years

Having handled communication design projects for Vila Vita Parc, for its inauguration in 1992 and since, we are very proud to have been invited to design the cover for their bumper 178-page 25th anniversary edition of V Life. The symbol of the logo inspired the design, and the contemporary but traditional way of being of Vila Vita Parc, was inspiration for the rest. The cover has 5 different production processes and was expertly carried out by the printer of Open Media, also publisher of the Essential magazines.

Mizu Teppanyaki – at the Clubhouse

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Mizu is Japanese for water. It is also the name for another brand new restaurant at Vila Vita Parc that has fast become a haven for food and wine aficionados, with 10 distinctly different restaurants, within and out of the resort itself! Don’t miss out on a world of flavours, in the heart of the Algarve, from the 2 star Ocean, to the brand new MIZU Teppanyaki!

GNR Safe Residence Programme

  • GNR Loulé - Residência Segura
  • GNR Loulé - Residência Segura
  • GNR Loulé - Programa Residência Segura

As part of our sustainable policy, we try and help with local community issues, offering our communication design expertise. This often means giving full design support to charity events, dedicated towards local causes, but also, we cover other issues. More recently we supported the GNR, command of the Loulé district, with their Safe Residence Programme by creating a befitting identity, identity manual, business cards, brochures, and display material. This will help towards making the programme more visible to the public, so more people sign up, resulting in higher crime prevention. Local suppliers, Letra7 and Grafica Comercial, also helped the cause by offering production.

Essential Design

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  • Algarve Media Campaign Design Fitur

In the news, Essential Algarve recently carried a 4-page Essential Design feature on Fred and his family, founder of Atelier do Sul Communication Design. Read more here.