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The Mediterranean diet – 2017 Calendars

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Invited once again, by our business partner Gráfica Comercial, to design their calendar collection, for this year’s theme, we chose to devote to the Mediterranean diet, shown through the eyes of the talented local photographer, Vasco Célio, with recipes from distinguished cuisine and gastronomy connoisseurs, Chef Bertilio Gomes and writer/researcher Maria Manuel Valagão. They also published a wonderful book in English or Portuguese, available at outlets like FNAC, or online, look for ‘Algarve Mediterrânico’

Green Building

  • Arquitecta Maria Raposo

Coming soon, a first for Loulé, and located on the main Avenida; offices, co-working spaces and meeting rooms. Mixing traditional architecture on the exterior and high tech contemporary design on the interior, by Maria Raposo. If you need a work spot in Loulé, large, or just a desk, within a lovely old building where the facade has been kept to its original design, enquiries can be taken on +351 961 786 582

Andrea Viegas – Lawyers

  • Andrea Viegas
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  • Andrea Viegas

Making a mark in the Golden Triangle, Andrea Viegas – Lawyers, is a modern and progressive practice, committed to offering timely, cost effective solutions to both private and corporate clients. Their expertise lie in property law and transactions, tax law, corporate law, banking and estate planning.

Fitur 2017, a success for the Algarve

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  • Algarve Media Campaign Design Fitur Spain

It is a great pleasure to read and hear about the very satisfactory results obtained by the Algarve Tourism Board, in the recent edition of FITUR. The number of visitors and meetings went far beyond expectations. A very positive balance for the Algarve, the result of the work of many people, which honored us to be part of, having created, designed and executed the communication campaign based on the theme Algarve invites you! All the media used had excellent visibility and, apparently, full results! In the case of digital media, where it is possible to obtain a more accurate evaluation, the campaign obtained a quotation much higher than the average registered in campaigns of the sort. Congratulations!

VILA VITA Parc’s Fine Wines & Food Fair – 15-20 May 2017

The countdown to one of the greatest gastronomy events in the Algarve and indeed in Portugal, has begun. VILA VITA Parc’s Fine Wines & Food Fair, will take place between the 15th and the 20th of May 2017, an event that places visitors face-to-face with some of the world’s most influential chefs, wine makers and gourmet producers. Check the full programme here

Infralobo – Directional sign design project

It is vital for visitors and locals to be provided with information and guidance to ensure they get the most out of the environment. Directional signage is a great way to ensure locations and attractions can be easily found. A good directional signage design has many benefits, including boosting local businesses, promoting the use of local amenities and providing the nearest location for facilities.