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IGTM event in Vilamoura and the Daily News

What a fantastic opportunity the Algarve had last month, setting the scene for the IGTM (International Golf Travel Market) held at the TIVOLI Marina, its most successful edition to date. Events such as this can go unnoticed locally, especially by those not involved in the industry, so in case you did not know, the IGTM is the largest and most important B2B Golf event of its kind in the World, where over 600 golf tourism suppliers join close to 400 pre-qualified registered buyers and 100 international press for four days of pre-scheduled appointments, networking opportunities and industry updates. The mere presence of so many professionals taking part in this event in the Algarve will boost this specialist tourism sector over the next couple of years. Golf courses in Portugal are still fighting the IVA hike from 6 to 23%, and quite rightly so, as it is effectively Killing the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

We were also directly involved with the event, handling the production of the IGTM Daily News, a full colour newspaper, printed overnight and delivered in the morning by breakfast time, during 3 consecutive days. We had the additional pleasure of designing and producing the stand for Four Seasons Country Club – Quinta do Lago, who later commented they had some exceptionally good meetings that will undoubtedly drum up new business for 2013. Another client, Portugal Algarve Golf Services (PAGS) reported their participation as the best ever in 12 years! Great to hear such positive vibes. We need more events like this to promote the Algarve, Portugal’s biggest export industry (in case you did not know)! It was great working with you and the newspapers turned out excellent! Many thanks again” Richard Bauval, Production editor – PFD Publications

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