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Washable triple fabric mask

Custom fabric masks with your company logo

Our triple fabric masks, with 2 outer layers and 1 inner layer, are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, washable up to 25 times, free of fiberglass and latex. They have little resistance to breathing and a high filtering capacity. With ear elastics and reinforcement for nasal adjustment, they become very comfortable during use.

How to use ?

pleated covid 19 facial masks products

Logo supply logos The logo must be provided in PDF artwork or AI formated files

Purchase details

Upon receipt of your order and logo, we will provide a proof with the logo that must fit comfortably within a 60 x 23 mm area reserved for printing on the left hand side of the mask and send our invoice, within 2 business days. Please note that the delivery time is variable and currently is approx. 6 working days, to be confirmed upon receipt of payment. A copy of your order will be sent immediately to the email indicated on the form.

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    Values + IVA. Payment conditions, 100% with order.

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    Important information from the manufacturer

    When can I use custom masks?

    The triple fabric masks are not an PPE product (personal protective equipment) or medical equipment, but support for the exclusive use of the community that must be used in situations according to Directorate-General of health guidelines.

    For this reason, they cannot and should not, under any condition replace the anti-contagious behaviours indicated by the authorities (such as the safety distance, regular disinfection, and correct hand washing). It is a product that offers additional protection for your own safety and that of others. Therefore, can be used in situations of possible contact with other people, shopping etc. Face masks prevent particles expelled by the user from being projected into the air, helping give some protection the user and the surrounding community from dust and fluid droplets, helping to reduce infection spread generally.

    Thus, our reusable textile masks comply with technical specifications for masks to use under the scope of covid-19 : “Máscaras destinadas à utilização no âmbito Covid-19” type 3, Portugal, published on 2020.04.14.