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Atelier do Sul 40 years+ of Design

Web Design

Presence on the web is a must for business today, be it a simple On-line brochure a Website with Responsive Design or something altogether more complex, Content Management Systems (CMS), Booking Engines, Shopping Cart Systems or even a Virtual Data Room (VDR). In many business sectors, the internet is fast becoming the main source of marketing and sales. There are three common factors in online success: simple impactful design, ease of navigation, and the ease with which the website is indexed by search engines. An effective website is therefore founded upon an in-depth knowledge of design-based Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO), development and use of the latest programming technology and techniques i.e. creating a Responsive Design website which ensures easy legibility on small smartphone screens, navigation and compatibility across all different platforms in line with World Wide Web standards.

Without an excellent web presence, businesses do not know how much business they are missing!

Case studies

Jutta Hoehn Architecture
Waratah Properties
Shelsian Group - Outlets