Atelier do Sul 40 years of Design


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Staying in line with the times, Waratah prepared in plenty of time to be ready for the latest boom in property sales and rentals, updating their identity and everything that goes on around it, also creating a new sub-brand Waratah Luxury Villa Rentals.

Corporate Identities

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New decade. New brand. Come talk to Atelier do Sul Communication design and start the new decade with a fresh corporate image that will make your business grow in 2020. Talk to us on +351 289 363 340.


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Kronos Homes, investing in the quality Algarve property market, recently took over and relaunched Palmares, probably the most beautiful location of any coastal residential golf resort in the Algarve. Arquitecture by Pritzer award wining architects RCR Arquitectes. Developement sign project and more, by Atelier do Sul.

Hospital de Loulé

  • Hospital De Loulé Sign
  • Hospital De Loulé vehicule
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  • IV Hospital De Loulé Balcao

Looking after the health of our clients brand, nuturing it and making it grow.

Junta de Freguesia de Quarteira

  • Junta F. Quarteira   Muro
  • Junta F. Quarteira   Muro (1)

Quarteira, slowly and surely always getting better with its go-ahead parish council, an important way to communicate this was through the development of its rebranding, shown here implemented on a big scale at the main entrance from Vilamoura.