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Atelier do Sul 40 years+ of Design

The Creek

  • 960x400px Creek 1
  • 960x400px Creek 2
  • 960x400px Creek 3
  • 960x400px Creek 4
  • 960x400px Creek 5
  • 960x400px Creek 6
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Set in a tranquil location among water canals and golf courses, yet only a pleasant stroll to the central hub of Vilamoura, The Creek is one of the major and very recent property investments in the area. With unique surroundings and a contemporary design, The Creek is well underway on the building site and is open for enquiries, with many of its 45 luxury properties already reserved.

Masana Algarve

  • Masana Algarve
  • Masana (4)
  • Masana (6)
  • Masana (2)
  • Masana (3)
  • Masana (5)

A breath of fresh air in the real estate and holiday market for Olhos d’Agua, Nomad Capital acquired the Masana Algarve resort after the owners decided to cease operations for personal reasons back in 2021. Commanding an impressive beachfront location with direct ocean access from within the resort, all units are undergoing a heavy refurbishment, giving a completely new look and feel to the interior design, furniture and fittings. The central facilities will be a big step forward from the past, offering different eating options, a bar, Masana digital nomad areas and more, all overlooking the gently curved swimming pool with the pines and the ocean as a backdrop.

Sun Cliffs

  • 960x400px SunCliffs 18
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 20
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 21
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 22
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 24a
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 25
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 19
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 27
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 26
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 30
  • 960x400px SunCliffs 28a

Something new in Western Lagos, and finally resolving the old abandoned apartment towers from the days after the revolution, Sun Cliffs is a place to enjoy life. Designed consciously and in harmony with its privileged location on top of the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade, in itself a favourite Algarve visiting spot, overlooking the ocean and the golden coast, this sophisticated resort comprises 72 apartments, 26 villa plots and a hotel.

Quinta Dourada

  • 960x400px QD 31
  • 960x400px QD 32
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  • 960x400px QD 34
  • 960x400px QD 35
  • 960x400px QD 36
  • 960x400px QD 37
  • 960x400px QD 38
  • 960x400px QD 39
  • 960x400px QD 40
  • 960x400px QD 41
  • 960x400px QD 42a
  • 960x400px QD 44
  • 960x400px QD 45
  • 960x400px QD 46

Launched in 2021, Quinta Dourada is a much-procured residential development on the north-west side of Albufeira, bearing the unmistakable style of award-winning Portuguese architect, Vasco Vieira. A choice of elegant villas, townhouses and apartments combine contemporary design with state-of-the-art luxury living in this beautiful part of the Algarve.


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One of the most established real estate and villa rental businesses within the Golden Triangle, with over 30 years of solid hands-on experience, the Waratah sales and marketing team has a wealth of knowledge in the international property market. A move to new offices just off the main road between Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago a few years back, a total branding refresh and new websites, and their long-term experience have led Waratah to become one of the very few serious and major real estate and villa rental specialists in the area.