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Tapas & Vinho – New business in hard times

To open a new business anytime in life is a challenge, to open a new business at the bottom of what is probably the biggest recession that the Algarve has known since the revolution, is madness some would say. Others, like Paul and Margo say, let’s go for it! The corks started to be pulled at Tapas & Vinho early summer. ‘Not another restaurant’ one heard the doomers and gloomers uttering, well they can now eat and drink those words as the concept that Paul and Margo came up with has been a great success, with both tourists and residents alike.

Located in the Golden Triangle, Tapas & Vinho has become a meeting spot, its warm and cozy atmosphere and unique ambience, a serious wine cellar where you can browse around to choose and indeed purchase to take away, and everything served with Paul’s own tasty range of tapas. ‘We have to say that Fred, André and their team took our brief and did a fantastic job of putting together a cohesive image and as always a really prompt service at a great price’ Paul & Margo

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